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A Comedy of Errors

o, there has been much throwing about of brains.

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Created on 2016-12-28 06:17:30 (#2647126), last updated 2016-12-30 (42 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Apr 28
Location:Washington, United States of America
My name is not really Grave Alice.

I recently basically deleted a ton of people near-randomly from my flist so if you suddenly got removed and miss me, let me know.

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1337 h4x0rs, absurdism, alice, american animation, artificial intelligence, atheism, bach, bears, being a planet, bert and ernie, bhutan, caffeine, caida, calvin and hobbes, captain beefheart, carmen sandiego, charlie brown, chocopie, civil liberties, cold-blooded clarity, cryptography, cybersecurity, dancing with movement, dancing without movement, daniel clowes, deep thought, dinosaurs, disneyland, distraction, doors, douglas adams, douglas hofstadter, dreams, edward gorey, edward wu, everything, eyelashes, fans, fingertips, fireworks, geeking it up, geranium diodes, ghosts, giant lollipops, glass, godel, google, great pop things, green, happy haunts, imagination, imagineering, jam, james joyce, jollity, joy, julie andrews, klingon, kokonino kounty, krazy kat, laser beans, lcsna, lemon drops, lemony snicket, lewis carroll, linus van pelt, logic, magic, mail, main street electrical parade, mary poppins, massachusetts, mathematics, my brain, nabokov, nerdhouse, nerds, nico, not chemistry, numb3rs, number theory, nutmeg, oatmeal, oranges, origami, over-the-counter medications, peaches, peanut dispenser, pears, pee-wee herman, philology, pigeons, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pogo, postmainstreamism, potassium, purple gloves, quince, quirks of the eyebrow, richard dawkins, robots, sarcasm, scum manifesto, security, sesame street,, sindarin, strawberries, surrealism, sweaters, symbolic logic, tangerines, tangled hair, teabags, the future, the haunted mansion, the letter k, the library, the number six, the sea, the sky, the witch-king of angmar, the wizard of oz, thug life armenia, thurl ravenscroft, tolkien, tom bombadil, translation, twin primes, tylenol, ucsd, valley girls, victorian handwriting, viruses, walking, wares, warez, warhol, whistling, who framed roger rabbit, wordplay, words, worms, x, x-files, yosemite sam, your mom
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